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We provide a real life experience for recruitment in Africa. Something for both advertisers, recruitment agencies and job seekers

Job Board

Advertise your jobs in Africa on the number one job board in Africa - African Jobs Online.

Job Alerts

Get the latest jobs with an Job Alert. We have options of email, sms, social media and more.

Video Interviewing

Can't make it for an interview? no problems we provide Video Interviewing solutions.

Job Seekers

Advertise your resume and let recruitment agencies and companies your looking for work.

Worldwide Job Boards

We are the only true job board that has sites in 8 countries. Advertise jobs in Africa, Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, United Kingdom and the United States America.

Candidate Application System

We have the most up to date candidate application system in the world. Everything is done in one easy to use application.